Friends & Family

Short video: Ashley’s styling session


Short video: Haley’s styling session



Karole wearing her new wig. With daughter Jenn.


Carolynn wind cropped
Carolynn’s wig was provided by friends & family.

Help someone you love!

This beautiful chemo wig is specially priced so that friends and family can easily provide this gift to someone you know who has been diagnosed with cancer. The results are beautiful and truly beneficial to any woman who will lose their hair during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.    

She will also receive a professional cut & style at no charge, performed at a local salon as part of the Loving Salons program. Unlike other wigs, these are not pre-cut or pre-styled so she will get the look and cut that is perfect for her while she is in the salon chair!

Please use the form below to order this gift for someone you know who has or will lose her hair to cancer:

  • PURCHASED ITEM: Human-hair wig $397.00 (includes sales tax)

  • Price: $397.00 Quantity:

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