A community-based program providing beautiful, specially-designed wigs

for women and girls with cancer.

Salon Teams

Watch this AMAZING short video! Karole with new wig Carolynn with beautiful new wig! Carolynn's amazing cut by Margo at Salon O in SLC! Cristi w...

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  • Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    My sweet husband surprised me with this beautiful, gorgeous hair through the Friends & Family program! It's like having my own hair back...I love it!  

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  • Shirley Before

    Shirley Before

    My hair fell out SO fast and it was SO difficult!

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  • I decided to be a brunette!

    I decided to be a brunette!

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  • I also chose to be blonde!

    I also chose to be blonde!

    It makes the treatments so much more bearable knowing that I can still look and feel beautiful!

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  • So Cute!

    So Cute!

    These wigs are amazing! This cut is so fun at a time when I need some extra cute and fun in my life.

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  • Kristen not long after starting radiation

    Kristen not long after starting radiation

    My hair fell out much sooner than the doctors anticipated.

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  • Kristen with New Hair

    Kristen with New Hair

    Thanks to my wonderful church family for this beautiful gift.

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  • Kristen Profile

    Kristen Profile

    Look at this amazing cut!  I love it!

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  • Kristen Back of New Hair

    Kristen Back of New Hair

    It is wonderful to look natural and to just feel normal.

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  • Stephanie age 22

    Stephanie age 22

    After chemotherapy and radiation.

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  • Stephanie with New Hair

    Stephanie with New Hair

    LOOK AT ME!!! This hair is AMAZING!

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  • Stephanie with Friends & Family

    Stephanie with Friends & Family

    I feel absolutely beautiful! And thanks to my wonderful family and friends for all your love and sup...

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  • Stephanie from the back

    Stephanie from the back

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  • Meggan age 25 (after chemotherapy)

    Meggan age 25 (after chemotherapy)


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  • Meggan Getting Styled

    Meggan Getting Styled

    I can't believe I'm sitting in a styling chair having my hair cut and styled by a professional hair ...

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  • Meggan With New Hair

    Meggan With New Hair

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I love it!

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  • Meggan’s Warriors

    Meggan’s Warriors

    My sweet Warriors and my family came to the salon to cheer for me when I received my new hair. Thank...

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