Helping friends & family provide the gift of beauty & peace for someone you love.

For women and girls with cancer.


  1-minute video: Patient makeover at a local salon.   Video: 4 patients receiving hair¬†at a local salon.   Jessica receiving her beautifu...

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Friends & Family

Karole with her new wig. "I loved hosting my mom's friends & family program! We not only covered the cost of her wig but raised over $5,000 to help with medical and¬...

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My Salon Cares

Please like your salon's Facebook page for regular posts featuring¬†local patients who are sponsored through the program.    1-minute video: Patient re...

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Free Consultation

1-minute video: Patient receives new wig! Makeover event with 4 local patients: 4-minute video Karole (Huntsman Cancer Center patient) with daughter Jenn. &nbs...

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  • Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    My sweet husband surprised me with this beautiful, gorgeous hair through the Friends & Family program! It's like having my own hair back...I love it!  

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  • Shirley Before

    Shirley Before

    My hair fell out SO fast and it was SO difficult!

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  • I decided to be a brunette!

    I decided to be a brunette!

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  • I also chose to be blonde!

    I also chose to be blonde!

    It makes the treatments so much more bearable knowing that I can still look and feel beautiful!

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  • So Cute!

    So Cute!

    These wigs are amazing! This cut is so fun at a time when I need some extra cute and fun in my life.

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  • Kristen not long after starting radiation

    Kristen not long after starting radiation

    My hair fell out much sooner than the doctors anticipated.

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  • Kristen with New Hair

    Kristen with New Hair

    Thanks to my wonderful church family for this beautiful gift.

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  • Kristen Profile

    Kristen Profile

    Look at this amazing cut!  I love it!

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  • Kristen Back of New Hair

    Kristen Back of New Hair

    It is wonderful to look natural and to just feel normal.

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  • Stephanie age 22

    Stephanie age 22

    After chemotherapy and radiation.

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  • Stephanie with New Hair

    Stephanie with New Hair

    LOOK AT ME!!! This hair is AMAZING!

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  • Stephanie with Friends & Family

    Stephanie with Friends & Family

    I feel absolutely beautiful! And thanks to my wonderful family and friends for all your love and sup...

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  • Stephanie from the back

    Stephanie from the back

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  • Meggan age 25 (after chemotherapy)

    Meggan age 25 (after chemotherapy)


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  • Meggan Getting Styled

    Meggan Getting Styled

    I can't believe I'm sitting in a styling chair having my hair cut and styled by a professional hair ...

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  • Meggan With New Hair

    Meggan With New Hair

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I love it!

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  • Meggan’s Warriors

    Meggan’s Warriors

    My sweet Warriors and my family came to the salon to cheer for me when I received my new hair. Thank...

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