Helping friends & family provide the gift of beauty and peace for someone you love.

Salon Community

  1-minute video: Patient makeover at a local salon.   Video: Other patient short video.   Jessica receiving her beautiful new wig. Ann...

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Friends & Family

  1-minute video: Kim's styling session   1-minute video: Haley's styling session   Karole wearing her new wig. With daughter Jenn. &nbs...

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My Salon Cares

Please like your salon's Facebook page for regular posts featuring local patients who are sponsored through the program.    1-minute video: Patient re...

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Learn more

  Carolynn's new wig at her personal styling session If you live or are being treated in Utah please contact us below if you would like to learn more, or ...

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  • Taeja with her new chemo wig

    Taeja with her new chemo wig

    This does not look or feel like a's amazing!

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  • Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    Shirley After Receiving her New Hair

    It's like having my own hair back...I love it!  

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  • Taeja’s styling session

    Taeja’s styling session

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  • Taeja with curls!

    Taeja with curls!

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  • I also chose to be blonde!

    I also chose to be blonde!

    It makes the treatments so much more bearable knowing that I can still look and feel beautiful!

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  • So Cute!

    So Cute!

    These wigs are amazing! This cut is so fun at a time when I need some extra cute and fun in my life.

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  • Jessica’s cut and style session

    Jessica’s cut and style session

    "Losing my hair was so difficult! It started falling out on my 39th birthday and I put it in a gall...

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  • Jessica with New Hair

    Jessica with New Hair

    Thanks to my wonderful friends and family for this beautiful gift.

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  • Kristen Profile

    Kristen Profile

    Look at this amazing cut!  I love it!

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  • Kristen Back of New Hair

    Kristen Back of New Hair

    It is wonderful to look natural and to just feel normal.

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  • Carolynn’s cut & style

    Carolynn’s cut & style

    Yes, this is actually Carolynn's new chemo wig being cut and's that good!

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  • Carolynn with New Hair

    Carolynn with New Hair

    LOOK AT ME!!! This hair is AMAZING!

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  • Carolynn’s hair blowing in the breeze

    Carolynn’s hair blowing in the breeze

    I feel absolutely beautiful! And thanks to my wonderful family and friends for all your love and sup...

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  • Carolynn from the back

    Carolynn from the back

    What a cute cut!

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  • Karole with new chemo wig

    Karole with new chemo wig

    Beautiful 100% hand-tied human hair with a personal cut and style.

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  • Karole’s back cut

    Karole’s back cut

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  • Kim With New Hair

    Kim With New Hair

    Cute! Cute! Cute! This specially-designed chemo wig is GORGEOUS!

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  • Kim’s styling session

    Kim’s styling session

    These beautiful wigs are not pre-cut or pre-styled like other wigs. Every patient receives a free cu...

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